CloudEndure Migration

Highly automated lift-and-shift application migration solution

Cloud migration does not need to be a complex, time consuming, or costly endeavor. CloudEndure Migration is a highly automated lift-and-shift (rehost) solution that simplifies, expedites, and reduces the cost of migrating applications to AWS Cloud – including public Regions, AWS GovCloud (US), and AWS Outposts.

You can use CloudEndure Migration to quickly lift-and-shift physical, virtual, or cloud servers without compatibility issues, performance impact, or long cutover windows. CloudEndure Migration continuously replicates your source servers to your AWS account. Then, when you’re ready to migrate, it automatically converts and launches your servers on AWS so you can quickly benefit from the cost savings, productivity, resilience, and agility of the AWS Cloud.

Once your applications are running on AWS, you can leverage AWS services and capabilities to quickly and easily replatform or refactor these applications – which makes lift-and-shift a fast route to modernization.

With CloudEndure Migration, an agent-based solution, you can migrate legacy applications as well as all applications and databases that run on supported versions of Windows and Linux operating systems (OS). This includes Windows Server versions 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 and Linux distributions, such as CentOS, RHEL, OEL, SUSE, Ubuntu, and Debian. CloudEndure Migration supports common databases, including Oracle and SQL Server, and mission-critical applications such as SAP.

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Easy migrations

CloudEndure Migration uses automation to simplify and expedite migration while reducing risk. By automating machine conversion, CloudEndure Migration enables applications from physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure to run natively on AWS without time-intensive and error-prone manual processes. CloudEndure Migration further simplifies migration by enabling you to use the same automated process for a wide range of applications.

Increased uptime

Maintain normal business operations throughout the replication process. CloudEndure Migration operates in the background, copying your source servers without taking snapshots or writing data to disks. This allows for near-zero performance impact. Continuous replication enables short cutover windows, as there is no need to wait for your servers to be updated – they are ready to be launched at any time.


Reduced costs

CloudEndure Migration licenses are available at no cost. You can migrate applications and databases from any source infrastructure that runs a supported OS. This includes common databases, such as Oracle and SQL Server, and mission-critical applications like SAP. There is no need to invest in multiple migration solutions, specialized cloud development, or OS/application-specific skills. This reduces your overall migration costs.

How it works

Life and Shift Migration to AWS --  architecture diagram

Implementation begins by installing the CloudEndure Agent on the selected source machines. The agent installation does not require a reboot nor does it impact system performance in any noticeable way. The CloudEndure Agent connects to a self-service, web-based CloudEndure User Console, which then issues an API call to the selected target AWS Region to create a staging area in the customer’s account designated to receive the source machine’s replicated data.

The staging area consists of both lightweight EC2 instances that act as Replication Servers and low-cost staging EBS volumes. Each source disk is mapped to an identically sized, low-cost EBS volume in the staging area. The Replication Servers receive data from the CloudEndure Agent running on the source machine and writes this data onto staging EBS volumes. One Replication Server can handle multiple source machines replicating concurrently.

After all source disks have been replicated into the staging area, the CloudEndure Agent continues to track and replicate any changes to the source disks. CloudEndure Migration conducts continuous, asynchronous, block-level data replication, which enables replication of any application that runs on supported x86-based Windows and Linux OSs that allow agent installation.

Customers configure a Target Machine Blueprint in the CloudEndure Console, which defines where each machine should launch and how it should be provisioned at the time of test or cutover.

When the Target Machines are launched, CloudEndure Migration spins up a temporary Machine Converter responsible for modifying the Target Machine to be able to boot and run natively in AWS. This includes injecting the appropriate AWS drivers, making appropriate bootloader changes, modifying network adapters, activating operating systems using the AWS KMS, and more. The conversion process normally takes under a minute, irrespective of the size of the machine, and is executed on all launched machines in parallel.

Case studies

“We would not have finished the migration in time had we not used CloudEndure.”
-Bob Gelety, Director of Network Engineering at Clark Construction
Aiming to eliminate the time that its IT staff spent maintaining on-site infrastructure, Clark Construction made a business decision to migrate applications and data to the cloud. The company used CloudEndure Migration to migrate large servers and Oracle-based legacy applications to AWS with a cutover window of minutes and without system disruption. Business ran as usual throughout the migration process, and end-users were completely unaware that the migration had taken place. Learn more >>

"CloudEndure Migration exceeded our expectations, and we met our deadline for migrating out of the data center."

-Leanne Robinson, Principal Account Manager at DB Systel UK

DB Systel UK used CloudEndure Migration to perform an accelerated migration of 400 physical and VMware-based machines to AWS. As part of this project, it moved write-intensive Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases, as well as business-critical legacy applications that were running on Microsoft Windows, Red Hat, and CentOS operating systems. DB Systel UK completed the project a month ahead of schedule – seamlessly and with minimal business disruption. Learn more >>

"By running our platforms on AWS, we can support an always-on strategy that gives our business users the ability to communicate with us at all times.”

-Gautam Tulsian, Senior Vice President and CIO, Global Finance at Equifax

Equifax addressed its scalability and performance issues by moving its entire Oracle application suite to AWS, running on hundreds of Amazon EC2 instances and using Amazon EBS for persistent block level storage. Equifax worked with AWS partner Cloudreach during the migration and employed AWS CloudEndure Migration to simplify, expedite, and automate large-scale migration of the Oracle BRM application to AWS. Learn more >>

Inmarsat logo
“If we had started with replatforming, it could have taken years. Our lift-and-shift strategy, using CloudEndure Migration, allowed us to move 65% of our IT infrastructure in just 6 months."
-Tim Brown, Senior Director of Cloud and Infrastructure Operations, Inmarsat

Inmarsat, a UK-based leader in global satellite communications, implemented a two-phase migration strategy: “lift and shift” first and then “replatform.” They used CloudEndure Migration to lift and shift more than 1,500 servers to AWS, averaging 120 servers per month. Among the workloads they migrated were Microsoft SharePoint sites, SQL Server, Java web applications, custom software, and legacy applications.

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