Local launch constraints are now generally available in AWS Service Catalog

Posted on: Apr 8, 2020

AWS Service Catalog now supports local launch constraints. With this new feature, administrators can share products from one AWS account to other AWS accounts, and have those products launch locally in each account. In Service Catalog, this is referred to as a hub-and-spoke model of sharing approved IT services. This makes it easier for administrators to distribute and manage these services across multiple accounts, providing self-service access while staying compliant with organizational best practices and policies.

With Service Catalog local launch constraints, administrators perform all governance setup in the hub account. They create a hub account local launch constraint, associate it to the portfolio that contains the products they want to distribute, and then share that portfolio to target spoke accounts. When end users provision products from the imported portfolio, they are provisioned in their spoke account.

Service Catalog local launch constraints are available via the AWS API, CLI, console, and AWS CloudFormation resources in all AWS commercial and GovCloud Regions. There is no additional charge for using Service Catalog local launch constraints. Learn more about Service Catalog portfolio sharing.