Posted On: May 1, 2020

We’re excited to announce pricing changes to Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer that make code reviews less expensive. Now revisions to a pull request are only charged for changed or newly added lines of code. 

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer evaluates your code against best practices observed in popular open source code repositories and Amazon’s own code base. It identifies potential defects that are difficult for developers to find and recommends changes that improve the overall code quality. Currently Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer supports Java applications using GitHub, and Amazon CodeCommit repositories. 

This pricing change makes it more cost-effective to analyze all revisions to your code. Previously charges were based on all lines of code in the files included in the initial code review pull request and again with each subsequent revision. Now, for subsequent revisions, charges will be applied only to changed or added lines of code. This results in significantly lower cost, especially when a single pull request has many revisions. 

To learn more about Amazon CodeGuru, please see the features page, for more details on how to get started visit the documentation. To contact the team visit the Amazon CodeGuru developer forum.  

For more information about automating code reviews and application profiling with Amazon CodeGuru check out the AWS ML Blog