AWS CodeBuild Test Reporting is now Generally Available

Posted on: May 22, 2020

AWS CodeBuild's support for Test Reporting is now Generally Available for production use. Test Reporting gives you a detailed and actionable view of your test executions in CodeBuild, making it easier for you to investigate test failures.

With Test Reporting, you can view historical trends, aggregated metrics, or details of test-failure for tests executed on AWS CodeBuild. These capabilities are supported for any test framework that outputs files for JUnit, Cucumber, TestNG, or TRX. Since the Test Reporting Beta, announced in November, 2019, we’ve introduced support for Tagging on Report Groups and two additional test frameworks (TestNG and TRX). You can get started by updating your buildspec file by adding a "reports" section which contains a reference to your Report Group and the path for your test results file.

To learn more about using Test Reporting in AWS CodeBuild, visit our documentation or our blog. To learn more about how to get started with CodeBuild, visit our product page or the CodeBuild console.