Posted On: May 7, 2020

You can now select resource groups as targets for desired state configurations in Systems Manager State Manager. This allows you to define, enforce, and report on different desired states for your resources based on logical groupings, such as applications or environments. 

With this new feature, in addition to being able to enforce your desired state configuration on a set of individual instances, a tag, or all instances in an AWS account, you can now also specify a resource group as a target. Once you select a target resource group, the specified desired state is automatically enforced on any new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances in that group at launch. For example, you can specify that a particular patch should be automatically applied to new instances as they are launched in that resource group. 

To get started, choose State Manager in the Systems Manager console. Systems Manager State Manager is available in all AWS GovCloud (US) and commercial Regions. For more information, visit the AWS Systems Manager product page and documentation on Systems Manager State Manager