Posted On: Jun 26, 2020

Today, Amazon AppStream 2.0 adds support for drawing tablets. Drawing tablets, also known as pen tablets, are computer input devices that let users draw with a stylus (pen). With AppStream 2.0, your users can now connect a drawing tablet, such as a Wacom drawing tablet, to their local computer and use it with their streaming applications. AppStream 2.0 supports all of the core capabilities of drawing tablets, including pressure sensitivity.  

To get started with using this feature, users who have a drawing tablet connected to their local computer can start an AppStream 2.0 streaming session by using the AppStream 2.0 client for Windows or a supported web browser. This feature is available at no additional cost in all regions where AppStream 2.0 is offered.  

To enable your users to use this feature, you must configure your AppStream 2.0 fleet to use an image that runs Windows Server 2019. This feature is supported only for AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions on a Windows PC or a Mac; it is not available for Chromebooks. In addition, for AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions over a web browser, only the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers are supported.  

AppStream 2.0 offers pay-as-you-go pricing. For more information, see Amazon AppStream 2.0 Pricing. If you are new to AppStream 2.0, you can try already installed applications by visiting the AppStream 2.0 website