Posted On: Jun 30, 2020

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file systems using the default bursting throughput mode now have a minimum throughput of 1 MiB/s. All EFS bursting mode file systems (regardless of size) can drive 100 MiB/s of throughput, and file systems with more than 1TiB of Standard class storage can drive 100 MiB/s per TB when burst credits are available. This change increases the minimum throughput from 50KiB/s per GiB of Standard class storage to a fixed minimum of 1 MiB/s for file systems with less than 20 GiB of Standard class storage, when burst credits are exhausted.

We recommend that you use AWS CloudWatch to monitor your burst credit balance. You can continue to configure Provisioned Throughput in situations where you need to instantly provision the throughput required for your applications independent of the amount of data stored in your file system.

All EFS file systems automatically have the new minimum throughput applied at no cost and with no action required. This change is available in all regions where EFS is available. For more information about how EFS bursting mode file systems operate, see the Amazon EFS documentation.