Posted On: Jul 23, 2020

Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) now supports up to 500 MB/s of per-client throughput, a 100% increase from the previous limit of 250 MB/s. Total throughput for an EFS file system remains at 10+ GB/s across all NFS clients. 

With this launch, customers can benefit from increased performance and lower cost for workloads that require a high amount of throughput from a single or small number of instances. For example, file-based analytics workloads can now process more data in a shorter amount of time, reducing cost, backup applications can now store and retrieve backups faster, allowing for larger backups and reduced recovery times, and media encoding applications can achieve faster encoding times. 

The increased per-client throughput is available today in all regions where EFS is available, at no cost and with no action required. For more information, see Amazon EFS Quotas and Limits.