AWS announces the Migration Acceleration Program for Storage

Posted on: Jul 8, 2020

AWS now offers the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for Storage. MAP for Storage provides services, best practices, and tools to help our customers save costs, accelerate their migrations, and modernize their storage workloads on AWS.

MAP for Storage, an extension of the proven MAP methodology, assesses customer readiness along the dimensions of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. By leveraging the MAP for Storage methodology, we can help you build a migration plan, support the migration of your storage workloads on AWS, and provide you with incentives to help offset the costs associated with migrations. Workloads running on SAN or NAS systems that are well suited for storage migration include on-premises data lakes, enterprise applications, large unstructured data repositories, file shares, home directories, backups, and archives, as well as containerized applications that need to scale out.

APN Partners and the AWS Professional Services team help you execute migration plans and are experts in the MAP approach with proven experience managing large-scale migrations on AWS. With expert support, a proven methodology, and over 14 years of experience running storage workloads for our customers, the MAP for Storage program will help simplify and accelerate your cloud migrations.  

To learn more on migrating your storage to AWS, visit the MAP for Storage page.