AWS Global Accelerator launches One-Click Acceleration for Application Load Balancers

Posted on: Jul 20, 2020

Today, AWS Global Accelerator announces the ability to easily obtain a fixed entry point for an Application Load Balancer and improve the performance for your user traffic by as much as 60%, with just a single click in the AWS Management Console. When you create a load balancer in the console, you can select a check box to enable Global Accelerator as an add-on service. Behind the scenes, Elastic Load Balancing and Global Accelerator work together to set up an accelerator in your account and put it in front of your load balancer. After you create your load balancer, choose the Integrated Services tab to see the static IP addresses and DNS name that you can use to start routing user traffic to the load balancer over the AWS global network.

You can see the charges associated with your accelerator in the Billing and Cost Management console, under AWS Global Accelerator. You can make configuration changes to your accelerator, such as adding another endpoint, by accessing Global Accelerator in the AWS Management Console or by using the Global Accelerator CLI and SDK. To learn more, visit the Global Accelerator product page, the documentation, and the Global Accelerator pricing page.