In AWS Global Accelerator, you are charged for each accelerator that is provisioned and the amount of traffic in the dominant direction that flows through the accelerator. An accelerator is the resource you create to direct traffic to optimal endpoints over the AWS global network. Customers will typically set up one accelerator for each application, but more complex applications may require more than one accelerator. For every accelerator that is provisioned (both enabled and disabled), you are charged a fixed hourly fee and an incremental charge over your standard Data Transfer rates, also called a Data Transfer-Premium fee (DT-Premium). DT-Premium is calculated every hour on the dominant direction of your traffic, i.e. inbound traffic to your application or outbound traffic from your application to your users on the internet.

  1. Fixed fee: For every full or partial hour when an accelerator runs in your account, you are charged $0.025 until it is deleted.
  2. Data Transfer-Premium fee (DT-Premium): This is a rate per gigabyte of data transferred over the AWS network. The DT-Premium rate depends on the AWS Region (source) that serves the request and the AWS edge location (destination) where the responses are directed. You will only be charged DT-Premium in the dominant data transfer direction. The DT-Premium fee for AWS Global Accelerator applies to all traffic that flows through AWS Global Accelerator, regardless of whether the destination is to the internet, to another AWS Region, or to an Availability Zone. The DT-Premium fee is in addition to normal Data Transfer Out fees charged for your application endpoints, such as Network Load Balancers, Application Load Balancers, or Elastic IPs.
(AWS edge location)
(AWS Regions)
NA $ 0.015 /GB $ 0.015 /GB $ 0.035 /GB
EU $ 0.015 /GB $ 0.015 /GB $ 0.043 /GB
APAC $ 0.012 /GB $ 0.043 /GB $ 0.010 /GB

Pricing example

You have one accelerator running for your application deployed in AWS Regions in North America.

Monthly fixed fee

Assuming your accelerator runs 24 hours a day for 30 days in a month, you are charged an $18 monthly fixed rate for that accelerator.

Monthly DT-Premium fee

If the monthly amount of data transferred over the AWS network via your accelerator is 10,000 GB, 60% of your traffic is outbound traffic from your application to your users on the internet, and the remaining 40% is inbound traffic from your users on the internet to your application in the AWS Regions. Every hour, you are charged only for the outbound traffic to your users, as that's the dominant direction of your traffic. So, you are charged for 6,000 GB a month and not all 10,000 GB.

This 6,000 GB of monthly traffic are distributed as follows:

  • 5,000 GB transferred from AWS Regions in North America to AWS edge locations in Europe. For this monthly traffic, you are charged $75 at $0.015/GB.
  • 1,000 GB transferred from AWS Regions in North America to AWS edge locations in Asia Pacific. For this monthly traffic, you are charged $35 at $0.035/GB.

Your monthly DT-Premium charge is $110 and, including the $18 monthly fixed fee, your total AWS Global Accelerator monthly bill is $128.

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