Provisioned product outputs are now available in AWS Service Catalog

Posted on: Jul 10, 2020

AWS Service Catalog now supports obtaining outputs from a Service Catalog provisioned product in an AWS CloudFormation template. Product outputs provide the interface from one product to another. With this new feature, administrators and developers can easily refer to those outputs in order to combine the products needed for their applications, which saves time building applications that use more than one product, such as a three-tier web application. 

With provisioned product outputs, administrators and developers can now combine products that depend on each other in a CloudFormation template. Outputs from each provisioned product are available as inputs into other products and AWS resources in the template. 

Support for provisioned product outputs in Service Catalog is now available via the AWS API, CLI, and Service Catalog console in all AWS commercial and GovCloud Regions. To learn more, see the documentation on Service Catalog provisioned product outputs