Posted On: Aug 10, 2020

Amazon CloudFront announces a new Regional Edge Cache located in AWS’ Europe (Ireland) Region. As part of this launch, a small number of CloudFront Edge locations that sent their origin requests through the Regional Edge Cache in the London Region will now go through the Ireland Region. Because of their proximity to Ireland, or more direct connections to Ireland, these Edge locations will see as much as a 62% reduction in latency fetching content from the Ireland Regional Edge Cache than the London Regional Edge Cache. 

CloudFront now operates 12 Regional Edge Caches around the world which act as mid-tier caching layers positioned between CloudFront’s Edge locations and your origins. These mid-tier caches provide incremental cache width to retain your content for longer periods of time and further protect your origin from traffic spikes. Like all Regional Edge Caches, the location in Ireland is provided free of charge and automatically included by default for your CloudFront distributions. No configuration is required to take advantage of CloudFront’s mid-tier locations.

To see a list of CloudFront’s global network, including the location of each Regional Edge Cache, refer to the Amazon CloudFront Feature page.