Amazon Comprehend adds five new languages to Custom Entity Recognition

Posted on: Aug 14, 2020

Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to analyze text documents and identify insights such as sentiment, entities, and topics from text. No ML expertise required. You can use Custom Entity Recognition to identify terms that are specific to your domain. For example, you can instantly extract product names, financial entities or any term relevant to you from unstructured text documents. Starting today, Amazon Comprehend is adding support for the following five new languages to Custom Entity Recognition: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.  

Amazon Comprehend makes it easy to add text analytics to your applications by removing any skills or steps required to build and run NLP models. Get started with Amazon Comprehend by using the console, or the API. These languages are available in all AWS regions where Amazon Comprehend is available.