Amazon Elastic Container Service launches more network metrics for containers using the EC2 launch type

Posted on: Aug 10, 2020

Today, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) announced the availability of additional network metrics for containers using the EC2 launch type in either bridge or awsvpc networking modes. You can now measure the rate of network traffic to and from your containers in both ECS Container Insights in Amazon CloudWatch or the ECS task metadata endpoint. This lets you measure bytes transmitted or received per second to see whether your containers are processing requests from the internet or other applications. Additionally on the task metadata endpoint, you can measure packets received, transmitted, or lost for containers using awsvpc mode and EC2 launch type.

  • To get started, update your ECS agent to the new version (1.43.0) using the instructions here.
  • Access the ECS task metadata endpoint to read network metrics with the instructions here.
  • Set up ECS container insights with the instructions here.
  • See the full list of metrics available in ECS container Insights here.