Posted On: Aug 4, 2020

You can specify up to fifteen EC2 instance types in Amazon EMR instance fleets using the capacity-optimized allocation strategy to diversify your Spot instance requests and get steep discounts. Previously, Instance Fleets allowed only a maximum of five instance types.

You can diversify your Spot requests across these fifteen pools within each Availability Zone, limiting the impact of Spot interruptions on your workload if a Spot Instance is reclaimed by EC2.

You can combine fifteen task instance types with - capacity optimized allocation strategy to utilize real-time capacity insights, Instance fleets to use On-demand and Spot capacity pools, and Managed Scaling to automatically scale your cluster. These new Amazon EMR features allow you to diversify your allocation, to automatically resize your clusters without specifying scaling policies, and to lower your costs.

Amazon EMR support for allocation strategy with up to fifteen task nodes is now Generally Available on EMR Release Versions 5.12.1 and above, in all commercial AWS regions where Amazon EMR is available. Here is a link to the documentation and to the overall Regional Availability of Amazon EMR.