Posted On: Aug 12, 2020

Amazon Neptune now allows you to visualize your graph using the Neptune Workbench. Graphs store relationships, and customers find it easy to visualize the nodes, edges, and properties to navigate their graphs or see patterns. Developers writing Gremlin or SPARQL queries can now view their query results and visually select nodes or properties in the Workbench.

With graph visualization support, customers can see their graph data by connecting the workbench to their existing Neptune cluster or by creating a new one. In the workbench, customers can search for specific properties, view the graph in a window or in full-screen mode, and display all the properties for a selected node. This makes it easy to understand their graph as well as to fine-tune their queries.

There are no additional charges for using visualization apart from the cost of using the workbench and the Neptune cluster as mentioned in the Neptune pricing page. To get started, check out the notebook samples in the Neptune Workbench. For more details on visualization features in the Neptune Workbench refer to the Amazon Neptune User Guide.