Posted On: Aug 17, 2020

Today, we are announcing the release of Amplify iOS 1.1. This new release adds built-in support for Combine, a framework by Apple which makes it much easier for Swift developers to make asynchronous API calls. Amplify iOS is part of the open source Amplify Framework and makes it easy for developers to build iOS apps with AWS-powered functionality, such as Auth, Data, Storage, and Analytics.

The previous 1.0 version of Amplify iOS (launched in May 2020) supported only a standard '“callback” model for handing asynchronous calls. While this is a common pattern for iOS developers, it leads to a well-known condition known as “callback hell”, where dependent asynchronous calls are nested within callbacks. For anything beyond simple dependency cases, this quickly becomes difficult to follow and maintain. With Amplify iOS 1.1, developers can now flatten this nest of callbacks using the built-in integration with the Combine framework. Support is included for all the asynchronous APIs in Amplify iOS, including Auth (sign up, sign in, observing session status), DataStore (CRUD operations, observing changes), and Storage (uploading and downloading files), among others.

To get started with Amplify iOS and the new Combine support, refer to our launch blog post and documentation.