Posted On: Aug 27, 2020

AWS X-Ray now supports using tags to manage access for creating, updating, and deleting X-Ray Groups and Sampling Rules.

AWS X-Ray enables engineers to analyze and debug production, distributed applications, such as those built using a microservices architecture. With X-Ray, you can understand how your application and its underlying services are performing, to identify and troubleshoot the root cause of performance issues and errors. X-Ray groups enables developers to slice and dice the X-Ray Service Map to create a focused view of the application. Using sampling rules, you can control the number of requests or calls to the application that can be traced in real time.

With today’s launch, you can use Identity and Access Management policy to prevent a group that has a specific tag from being created, updated, or deleted. For example, an X-Ray group that is marked with a “production” tag can be protected from modification or deletion . Similarly, a sampling rule which has a specific tag can be protected from being updated or deleted.

Visit Managing access to X-Ray groups and sampling rules based on tags to learn more about the feature. This feature is available in all regions where AWS X-Ray is available. For information on X-Ray's availability please refer to the AWS Region Table.