CloudWatch Application Insights adds support for CloudFormation Templates

Posted on: Aug 17, 2020

Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights now supports enabling monitoring for resources provisioned via CloudFormation templates. CloudWatch Application Insights is a capability that helps customers easily setup monitoring and enhanced observability for AWS resources. Now this same easy setup can be done via simple JSON or YAML commands added to your CloudFormation template that automatically add CloudWatch Application Insights monitoring to the resources and applications you deploy as part of the provisioning process. 

Once you create or specify a CloudFormation template, you can create a stack and then insert a few JSON or YAML commands to create a resource group and have CloudWatch Application Insights set up monitoring for the resources you are deploying. You can do this for any CloudWatch Application Insights application monitoring tier including .NET, .NET Core, SQL Server and IIS running on a myriad of AWS services. Once you initiate CloudFormation, the processes and API calls to create the monitoring (setting up telemetry, metrics and/or logs) is done automatically. For more details on how to setup CloudFormation to add CloudWatch Application Insights Monitoring and to see examples for adding it to your template, go to Using CloudFormation to add monitoring.  

Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights enables observability for your applications and underlying AWS resources. Getting started is easy; you can set up important monitors for your applications using a few clicks in the CloudWatch console or now also via CloudFormation. For the detected issues, you can use CloudWatch Automatic Dashboards to visualize problem details, helping application owners troubleshoot faster and reduce their mean time to resolution. CloudWatch Application Insights is available in all AWS public regions at no additional charge, you only pay for monitoring data set up on CloudWatch. To learn more, access the CloudWatch Getting Started page and documentation page