Posted On: Aug 4, 2020

The Live Streaming on AWS solution demonstrates how to ingest, transcode, and deliver live streaming video with high availability and at scale. Built with AWS Elemental MediaLive and AWS Elemental MediaPackage, this solution is designed to provide high levels of resilience by using a standard MediaLive channel with dual inputs and outputs as well as redundant inputs for MediaPackage. This solution provides multiple output formats for playback which are delivered through Amazon CloudFront for global distribution. 

The latest version of the solutions leverages AWS Elemental MediaLive Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) encoding. QVBR is a video compression technique that automatically adjusts output bitrates to the complexity of source content and will only use the bits required to maintain a defined level of quality. This means using QVBR encoding, will save on distribution costs, while maintaining, or increasing video quality for your viewers. 

Additional AWS Solutions Implementations are available on the AWS Solutions Implementations webpage, where customers can browse solutions by product category or industry to find AWS-vetted, automated, turnkey reference implementations that address specific business needs.