Posted On: Aug 6, 2020

VPC-In-A-Box℠ is an AWS Solutions Consulting Offer, delivered via a consulting engagement from Foghorn, an AWS DevOps and AWS Security Competency Partner. VPC-In-A-Box℠ demystifies, simplifies, and accelerates Amazon VPC creation, configuration, and optimization, to seamlessly connect to AWS Availability Zones within AWS Regions around the world. Customers that request this consulting offer will take part in a three-step engagement that delivers a custom Amazon VPC configuration.

VPC-In-A-Box℠ is built upon a proven methodology and put into action with consistency to produce global connections at scale. VPC-In-A-Box℠ is available in three tiers: Express, Production, and Enterprise. Additional information can be found on the Foghorn VPC-In-A-Box℠ landing page.