Posted On: Sep 9, 2020

Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) now offers MSK version, a bug fix release of Apache Kafka version 2.4.1, addressing a critical bug (KAFKA-9752) that causes consumer groups to perpetually rebalance. MSK recommends that all customers who use or plan to use Apache Kafka version 2.4.1 instead use or upgrade their clusters to MSK version After September 23, 2020, Apache Kafka version 2.4.1 will no longer be offered for new MSK clusters.

MSK version is identical to Apache Kafka version 2.4.1, except it includes code to fix KAFKA-9752. Please visit the Amazon MSK user documentation for more information on MSK version, including a description of the difference between Apache Kafka version 2.4.1 and MSK version, and how users of Apache Kafka version 2.4.1 can avoid this bug regardless of where this version is used.

For Amazon MSK availability, visit the AWS Region Table