Posted On: Sep 10, 2020

Amazon WorkSpaces now allows you to use a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) as your Amazon WorkSpaces registration code. When your end users log in to WorkSpaces, you can then redirect them across Amazon WorkSpaces Regions based on your Domain Name System (DNS) policies for the FQDN. Amazon WorkSpaces cross-Region redirection works with both public domain names and domain names in private DNS zones. The new feature is designed for customers who deploy WorkSpaces in multiple Regions to achieve regional resiliency and high availability. 

The feature enables you to redirect users to a disaster recovery Region when your primary Amazon WorkSpaces Region is unreachable due to disruptive events, without your users having to switch registration codes. The feature leverages your DNS’s health check and failover capabilities. Customers who use Amazon Route 53 can benefit from health checks that monitor Amazon CloudWatch alarms when devising a cross-Region redirection strategy for WorkSpaces.  

To get started, you can go to the Amazon WorkSpaces Management Console, select Account Settings to set up your cross-Region configuration. This feature is available at no additional charge in all AWS Regions where Amazon WorkSpaces is available except AWS GovCloud and China Regions. For more information, please refer to Amazon WorkSpaces documentation.