Posted On: Sep 15, 2020

You can now use Amazon CloudFront to serve Brotli compressed content to your end users. Brotli is a widely supported lossless compression algorithm that often provides a better compression ratio than Gzip. The smaller file sizes improve application performance by delivering your content faster to viewers. CloudFront's Brotli edge compression delivers up to 24% smaller file sizes as compared to Gzip.

Prior to today, you could enable Brotli compression at the origin by whitelisting the 'Accept-Encoding' header. Now CloudFront includes 'br' in the normalized 'Accept-Encoding' header before forwarding it to your origin. You no longer need to whitelist the 'Accept-Encoding' header to enable Brotli origin compression, improving your overall cache hit ratio. Additionally, if your origin sends uncompressed content to CloudFront, CloudFront can now automatically compress cacheable responses at the edge using Brotli.

Brotli is available for immediate use at no additional cost. This feature can be enabled via the CloudFront Console, SDK, and CLI. For more information, refer to the CloudFront Developer Guide. To get started with CloudFront, visit the CloudFront Product Page.