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Learn with 10-Minute Tutorials

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Start Building with AWS

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Office Hours

Learn how to take advantage of the full breadth of Amazon CloudFront features by attending our monthly office hour. Product managers and engineers will be available to answer questions, and to share best practices you can start using right away.

Amazon CloudFront office hours are the LAST Thursday of the month.


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Thursday, Mach 29, 2018, 10:00AM PT

AWS Monthly Webinar Series

Learn more about Amazon CloudFront new features and capabilities in one of the upcoming AWS Online Tech Talk.

The AWS Online Tech Talks is a selection of live online presentations that cover a broad range of topics at varying technical levels. These tech talks feature technical sessions led by AWS solutions architects and engineers, live demonstrations, customer examples and Q&A with AWS experts.

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Slack Video

Learn how Slack improved their API security and realized an approximately 300ms faster response time with Amazon CloudFront. In the video, Alex Graham, Sr. Operations Engineer from Slack, talks about how his team uses Amazon CloudFront to accelerate their API globally, and how it gives them flexibility to apply various security measures at the edge.


Alex Graham, Sr. Operations Engineer, Slack Technologies, Inc.

Amazon CloudFront and Lambda@Edge

End users expect to be able to view static, dynamic, and streaming content anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Amazon CloudFront is a web service that accelerates delivery of your websites, APIs, video content, or other web assets to end users around the globe with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no commitments. In this session, learn what a content delivery network (CDN) such as Amazon CloudFront is and how it works, the benefits it provides, common challenges and needs, performance, recently released features and examples of how customers are using CloudFront. You will also learn about recustomizing content delivery through Lambda@Edge - a serverless compute service that lets you execute functions to customize the content delivered through CloudFront.


Tom Witman, AWS Business Development.

Nishit Sawhney, AWS Product Management.


AWS Lambda enables you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. Today, you can write your Lambda functions once and execute them everywhere your end viewers are present with Lambda@Edge. This session walks through multiple examples of web applications that use the serverless programming model for authentication, customization, and security to address the question of how to design and deploy intelligent web applications with Lambda@Edge and Amazon CloudFront. The startup DataDome will also share its experience with Lambda@Edge and CloudFront, and how it simplified the onboarding process for its customers. Deployed globally on CloudFront PoP locations, their bot protection service can now be activated in one-click through the AWS console.

Benjamin Fabre, Datadome co-founder and CTO.

George John, AWS Product Management.

Will St. Clair, AWS Senior Solutions Architect.


Your application is exposed to a variety of threats from common distributed attacks to sophisticated zero-day vectors. Learn how to architect beyond the region and take advantage of the AWS Edge Network and upgrade your security posture with easy to deploy solutions that scale. At this session you will learn how to I ensure your application will withstand malicious threats and DDoS attacks, what role does architecture play in your security posture, and how professional services and partners like Flux7 can help.

Shawn Marck, AWS Shield.

Tom Witman, AWS Business Development.

Flash Talks

In this series of technical flash talks, learn directly from Amazon CloudFront engineers about best practices on security, caching, measuring performance using Real User Monitoring (RUM), and customizing content delivery with Lambda@Edge.

Komei Nakamoto, Software Development Engineer, Amazon CloudFront.

Alexander Korobeynikov, Software Development Engineer, Amazon CloudFront.

Chaitanya Solapurkar, Software Development Engineer, Amazon CloudFront.

Webinar Recording

Today, developers have to forward requests from distributed CDN endpoints back to compute resources at their centralized servers in order to do any customized processing, slowing down the end user experience. The Lambda-based processing model allows you to write JavaScript code that runs within the growing network of AWS edge locations. In this tech talk, we will provide a deep dive on the capabilities of Lambda@Edge and its use cases.

George John, Product Management, Amazon Web Services.


Webinar Recording

In this tech talk, you will learn how you can better defend your websites and cloud infrastructure from cyberattacks using edge services from AWS, such as Amazon CloudFront, AWS Shield and AWS WAF. You will go behind the scenes to see how edge services help mitigate common DDoS attacks, how to use advanced protocols and ciphers, and how to enforce end-to-end HTTPS connections. You will also learn how to use additional features like AWS WAF's IP and bot blocking to implement tailored and advanced protection.

Nihar Bihani, Sr. Manager, Product Management, Amazon Web Services.

Venkat Vijayaraghavan, Principal Product Manager, AWS Shield.

Webinar Recording

Traditionally, content delivery networks (CDNs) were designed to accelerate static content. Amazon CloudFront supports delivery of an entire website, including dynamic, static, streaming and interactive content using a global network of edge locations. CloudFront integrates with other AWS services that are built to scale massively. Together, the solution can automatically scale to millions of users by leveraging the global reach of CloudFront and the auto scaling capability of AWS cloud. In this talk, we introduce you to various design patterns and best practices to build a massively scalable solution using CloudFront. We discuss how this scale can be achieved without compromising on availability, security or cost.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn how to use CloudFront dynamic delivery features

• See a live demo and learn how to take advantage of Cloud Front newest features

Nihar Bihani, Sr. Manager, Product Management, Amazon Web Services.