Posted On: Sep 22, 2020

AWS Perspective is a new AWS Solutions Implementation that helps you build detailed architecture diagrams of your workloads from live data in your account, that you can customize and share.  

AWS Perspective maintains an inventory of AWS resources from the accounts and AWS Regions that you import. It derives relationships between discovered resources and presents them in a web application. You get a breakdown of your AWS resources grouped by type from across your AWS accounts and Regions. You can search for existing resources of interest and start creating architecture diagrams that represent a workload.  

Each architecture diagram includes data relating to historic costs and other metadata for the resources it contains. You can collaborate on architecture diagrams by saving them and sharing with colleagues, and export to formats including CSV, PNG, JSON, and DRAWIO files. You can further inspect resources in your architecture diagram by following a link directly to the resource in the AWS Management Console. To learn more about AWS Perspective, see the AWS Solutions Implementation webpage.

Additional AWS Solutions Implementations are available on the AWS Solutions Implementations webpage, where customers can browse solutions by product category or industry to find AWS-vetted, automated, turnkey reference implementations that address specific business needs.