Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript now enables meeting health monitoring and troubleshooting

Posted on: Oct 30, 2020

Application developers building real-time audio, video, and screen sharing applications can now collect client metrics from meetings events available from the Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript. Developers can help end users troubleshoot their application without requiring them to send in client logs. And by streaming metrics to Amazon CloudWatch, developers can analyze meeting health trends or deep dive on problematic meetings or devices.  

Meeting events make it simple to automatically save to your AWS account seven events types and 22 attributes related to audio video sessions on the Amazon Chime SDK— including device and environment information, SDK version, and network conditions. Based on these analytics, you can create custom Amazon CloudWatch dashboards to monitor the performance of your web application, configure alarms, or pinpoint and debug integration problems. The Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript Serverless demo app, available on GitHub, includes an example CloudWatch dashboard based on meeting events. 

Meeting events are available with the Amazon Chime SDK for JavaScript for no additional charge. You only pay for related use of Amazon Chime SDK and Amazon CloudWatch. 

The Amazon Chime SDK is a set of real-time communications components that developers can use to quickly add voice, video, and screen sharing capabilities to their own web or mobile applications. Developers can leverage the same communication infrastructure and services that power Amazon Chime, an online meetings service from AWS, and deliver engaging experiences in their applications. To learn more about Amazon Chime see the following resources: