Posted On: Oct 22, 2020

Amazon Kendra is a highly accurate and easy to use intelligent search service powered by machine learning. Starting today, AWS customers can leverage Kendra’s intelligent search capabilities across a broader range of content repositories by using Kendra’s custom data source feature.  

Making content searchable with Kendra is quick and easy, you simply define a data source in your Kendra index by choosing a connector type from Kendra’s list of supported content repositories. By adding the custom data source feature, customers can now use the Kendra API to create their own custom connectors and push content directly into Kendra from any content repository. Custom data sources in Kendra also offer the same data sync’ing, monitoring, and management capabilities that are available with Kendra’s native connectors such as Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, SharePoint, OneDrive, and ServiceNow.

Amazon Kendra’s custom data source feature is available in all AWS regions where Amazon Kendra is available. To learn how you to configure a custom data source using Kendra, visit the documentation page. To learn more about Kendra and get started with intelligent search, visit the Amazon Kendra website.