Posted On: Oct 20, 2020

You can now process multiple Amazon Kinesis data streams with a single Kinesis Client Library (KCL) based consumer application. Previously, each KCL based application processes a single Kinesis data stream. With this new capability, you can update the list of streams at runtime for multi-stream processing in a scalable KCL application without redeploying the application. This reduces operational overhead of maintaining multiple KCL applications.

KCL helps you quickly build custom stream consumer applications that you can run in either Amazon EC2 or containers on Amazon ECS or EKS. KCL enables you to focus on business logic while building applications. It handles complex issues such as adapting to changes in stream volume, load-balancing streaming data, coordinating distributed services, and processing data with fault-tolerance. You need to use the latest KCL version 2.3.1 to enable multi-stream processing with your KCL consumer application. 

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is a massively scalable and durable real-time data streaming service. It can continuously capture gigabytes of data per second from hundreds of thousands of sources like website clickstreams, IoT data, database event streams, financial transactions, social media feeds, IT logs, and location-tracking events. The data collected is available in milliseconds for real-time analytics use cases like dashboards, anomaly detection, dynamic pricing, and more.  

For more information, refer to Using Kinesis Client Library in the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Developer Guide. The latest KCL 2.3.1 release is available in all AWS regions where Amazon Kinesis Data Streams is available.