Posted On: Oct 19, 2020

Porting Assistant for .NET is now open source. Users can now extend the data set with new recommendations for assessment and use the extended data set to scan their project for incompatibilities. Users can also review and offer suggestions on exiting data sets. Users can actively participate in the development process and bring their experience and expert knowledge to the tool. They can review open issues in GitHub, comment on any of the issues that they are familiar with, make suggestions, ask questions, or open new issues if they like to start a new conversation. Source code for compatibility analysis component, assessment APIs and the data set used for the assessment are released under Apache 2.0 license 

Porting Assistant for .NET is also making the roadmap public allowing customers to provide immediate feedback and help prioritize features. Roadmap will continue to be updated by incorporating community user requested feature as well as issues raised.  

Porting Assistant analyzes both the NuGet package dependencies and API usage in .NET Framework applications. With the compatibility and porting effort assessed, the assistant further helps in the porting process by removing the manual effort needed to convert project files to the new .NET Core format. The Porting Assistant for .NET is free of charge for users to download and use in their porting effort. 

To learn more, read about the tool in our documentation, or read the blog post.

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