Posted On: Nov 4, 2020

Amazon CloudWatch launches Metrics Explorer – a tag-based dashboard tool that enables customers to filter, aggregate, and visualize operational health and performance metrics by tags. Metrics Explorer provides customers with a flexible troubleshooting experience, allowing them to build their tag-based application health dashboards, identify correlations, and quickly analyse their operational data to pinpoint issues. These tag-based dashboards will stay up to date as resources come and go, and they will help customers to identify the root cause and quickly isolate the issues when an alarm occurs on an application or environment. 

For example, you can monitor your fleet of RDS instances by assigning AWS Resource Tags to represent their environment, like production or test and then using these tags you can slice and dice the operational metrics such as CPUUtilization to understand the health and performance of your RDS instances associated with that tag within your environment. Moreover, you can save the performance graphs you generate with Metrics Explorer to your dashboards where you can use them to continuously monitor your application health and troubleshoot issues when they occur. 

Metrics Explorer enables you to slice and dice metrics using existing AWS Resource Tags or using EC2 and Lambda resource properties as Tags. You can aggregate metrics by resource properties such as instance type and visualize one graph per Availability Zone or organize metrics on one or multiple graphs by splitting them based on tags. 

Metrics Explorer is now available in all commercial AWS Regions free of charge and you can start using it immediately. To get started, click on the Explorer link under Metrics on the left navigation panel of the CloudWatch console. To learn more about Metrics Explorer please refer to our documentation.