Posted On: Nov 11, 2020

Amazon Redshift, a fully-managed cloud data warehouse, now adds native support for TIME and TIMETZ data types. TIME data type stores the time of day without timezone information, and TIMETZ stores the time of day including timezone information. This new data type builds on the existing support in Amazon Redshift for DATE, TIMESTAMP and TIMESTAMPTZ data types that can store date and date-and-time values.

The new TIME data types enable you to create columns in Redshift tables that can store only time values. You can also use various date/time SQL functions to process the time values in Redshift queries. The Redshift JDBC driver version 1.2.50 and ODBC driver version 1.4.18, which are used to connect to Redshift clusters from third-party SQL client tools, have been updated to support the TIME and TIMETZ data types.  

The support for TIME and TIMETZ data types in Redshift is included with Redshift release version 1.0.21053 or later. This functionality is available to new and existing customers at no additional cost. To get started and learn more, visit our documentation. Refer to the AWS Region Table for Amazon Redshift availability.