Posted On: Nov 17, 2020

Customers using the AWS Migration Hub to discover, plan, and track their migrations now have access to Migration Hub network visualization. Migration Hub network visualization is for migration experts and non-experts who want to quickly organize and validate their on-premises discovery data, and to build their migration plan.

Migration Hub network visualization accelerates the planning process by enabling you to rapidly identify which servers comprise on-premises applications, by looking at a visualization of your actual data. Network visualization provides a dependency graph based on detailed server-to-server connections collected during the on-premises discovery process, letting customers see the servers that rely on one another to function properly as part of an application once migrated. You can also perform a deeper inspection of a server using network visualization to confirm its role, add tags, or group it as part of an existing or newly defined application.

To get started with AWS Migration Hub network visualization, begin by visiting AWS Migration Hub and following instructions to install the AWS Discovery Agent to collect the necessary information. If you’re already discovering servers using the AWS Discovery Agent, Migration Hub network visualization is already set up, saving you time by automating the process of making discovery data planning ready. Network visualization is available in all Migration Hub regions, and is free to use. To learn more about AWS Migration Hub and network visualization please see our product page and documentation.