AWS Service Catalog now supports StackSet instance operations

Posted on: Nov 4, 2020

AWS Service Catalog now supports Stack Set instance operations. With this new feature, end-users can control the individual instances for their StackSets, within the constraints specified by their AWS Service Catalog administrator.

End-users can easily specify the accounts and regions for provisioning and termination of individual instances in their StackSet. They can add or remove the regions and accounts where their instances are running, which will then provision or terminate instance(s) in the specified accounts and/or regions. Updates to a StackSet will still apply to all instances, regardless of region or account. The administrator still controls the available accounts and regions via a StackSet constraint. 

Support for Stack Set instance operations in Service Catalog is now available via the AWS API, CLI, and Service Catalog console in all AWS commercial and GovCloud Regions. To learn more, see the documentation on Service Catalog StackSet instance operations.