Posted On: Nov 24, 2020

Location-Based Notifications Using Amazon Pinpoint is a new AWS Solutions Implementation that helps you easily add a new geographic dimension to personalized and targeted messaging for end users. Personalized customer engagements can be time-consuming, cumbersome, and expensive. This solution reduces that heavy-lifting by configuring and provisioning a reference architecture. The solution leverages Amazon Pinpoint and AWS AppSync APIs to enable near real-time notifications based on an end-users' location. It quickly registers locations and adds a geofence markup for geographic boundaries around any point of interest. These geofences can be used for more personalized engagements via the solution APIs pushing timely notifications to end-users when they enter or exits a geofence (for example, your business, a restaurant, or any other venue).

The solution deploys a new Amazon Pinpoint project with push notifications enabled and both iOS and Android devices supported out-of-the-box, creating a set of secure APIs in AWS AppSync to interact with the geofences and send notifications. An Amazon Cognito user pool is created to provide authentication to the APIs, as well as an identity pool that can be used by mobile applications. By deploying a static website using Amazon S3, leveraging Amazon CloudFront for delivery, you can manage geofences and create personalized message templates for each location. Additionally, the solution deploys an analytics architecture in order to provide near real-time capabilities. To learn more about Location-Based Notifications Using Amazon Pinpoint, see the AWS Solutions Implementation webpage.

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