Porting Assistant for .NET adds support for .NET 5

Posted on: Nov 27, 2020

Porting Assistant for .NET can now support customers to migrate their legacy .NET framework applications to newly released .NET 5. .NET 5 is a major release with a broad set of features and improvements. With this updated release of Porting Assistant for .NET customers can analyze and port their .NET framework applications to either new release of .NET 5 or .NET Core 3.1.

Porting Assistant for .NET is an analysis tool that scans .NET Framework applications and generates a .NET Core or .NET 5 compatibility assessment, helping you port your applications to Linux faster. Porting .NET Framework applications to .NET Core or .NET 5 helps customers take advantage of the performance, cost savings, and robust ecosystem of Linux.

The new, updated tool can be downloaded from here. Existing customers can update to the latest version of the tool to take advantage of new capability.

To learn more, read about the tool in our documentation, take a look at the GitHub repo.