Announcing Amazon CloudWatch Lambda Insights (General Availability)

Posted on: Dec 3, 2020

Amazon CloudWatch Lambda Insights enables you to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of AWS Lambda functions. You have access to automated dashboards summarizing the performance and health of your Lambda functions that provide visibility into issues such as memory leaks or performance changes caused by new function versions.  

With Lambda Insights, you can use the multi-function view to understand how compute, memory allocation, and function duration changes over time to optimize Lambda function utilization. You can filter functions by name or by tag. Filtering by tag enables you to, for example, show only the functions belonging to a specific CloudFormation stack. You can also use the single-function view to dive deep and troubleshoot individual request problems. Additionally, to easily troubleshoot root causes of a Lambda issue, you can take advantage of the integrations with AWS offerings, such as CloudWatch Logs Insights to analyze function logs and CloudWatch ServiceLens to analyze trace dependencies.  

You can start collecting detailed performance metrics, logs, and metadata from your Lambda functions with just one-click in the AWS Lambda Console. Or use the AWS CLI or CloudFormation to enable Lambda Insights. CloudWatch Lambda Insights is now available in all standard AWS Regions. You only pay for what you use for metrics and logs. See the CloudWatch pricing page for a pricing example. Learn more about how to use Lambda Insights and see the latest release notes.