Announcing the availability of AWS Outposts Private Connectivity

Posted on: Dec 21, 2020

You can now connect your on-premises AWS Outposts infrastructure privately over Direct Connect to services running in the AWS region using AWS Outposts Private Connectivity.  

AWS Outposts infrastructure installed at customer locations require a service link VPN connection to the parent AWS region for carrying control, management, and customer VPC traffic. Until now you had to connect the service link VPN to public endpoints (IPs) in the AWS region. With AWS Outposts Private Connectivity, you can now use your private VPC to connect your Outposts service link VPN to the parent AWS region. This minimizes exposure to the public internet and obviates the need for special firewall configurations for connectivity to AWS region.

You get improved data security as data and traffic move through the service link by leveraging your own VPCs and Direct Connect, helping you meet your stringent data security requirements. Private connectivity removes operational overhead required to change firewall configurations to accommodate public IPs, such as multiple approvals and tight coordination between IT and security teams.

For more information about Outposts Private Connectivity and to learn more, visit the AWS Outposts website and FAQs. To get started, visit the AWS Management Console.