AWS Cost Anomaly Detection is now generally available

Posted on: Dec 16, 2020

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection is a free service that monitors your spending patterns to detect anomalous spend and provide root cause analysis. It helps customers to minimize cost surprises and enhance cost controls.  

Backed by advanced machine learning technology, AWS Cost Anomaly Detection is able to identify gradual spend increases and/or one-time cost spikes. With three simple steps, you can create your own cost monitors and alert subscriptions. Based on your business needs, you can create multiple alert subscriptions for the same cost monitor and/or attach multiple cost monitors to one alert subscription.  

With each anomaly detection, we also provide customized root cause analysis so you can quickly investigate and address the cost drivers accordingly. You can provide feedback by submitting assessments to improve future anomaly detection. As part of the AWS Cost Management suite, AWS Cost Anomaly Detection is integrated with AWS Cost Explorer so you can further visualize and analyze your cost and usage as needed.  

For more details, visit the Cost Anomaly Detection documentation, step-by-step blog post, and Cost Anomaly Detection web page. To learn more about programmatic capabilities, read the AWS Cost Explorer API documentation