Posted On: Dec 21, 2020

AWS Pricing Calculator now supports Windows Server and SQL Server workload compute cost estimates. The workload estimate now accounts for Microsoft licensing. The Windows Server and SQL Server on Amazon EC2 calculator provides a selection of licensing options such as AWS-provided licenses with License Included (LI) offerings and customers’ existing licenses with bring your own license (BYOL) offerings for optimal cost savings. It also identifies suitable cloud tenancy and a cost-saving pricing model, based on licensing and infrastructure inputs.

With the Optimize CPUs feature in the workload calculator, customers have the flexibility of specifying a custom number of vCPUs for new instances, while taking advantage of the same memory, storage, and bandwidth of a full-sized instance. It enables BYOL customers to optimize their vCPU-based licensing costs. It also supports the ability to indicate passive node for SQL Server workloads.

The new features such as the ability to specify multiple machine specifications, storage recommendation and cost details including BYOL licenses simplify the self-service price assessment of the new Windows Server and SQL Server workloads on AWS.

To get started, visit the AWS Pricing Calculator page for Windows Server and SQL Server on Amazon EC2 workloads. To learn more about how to save, share, and export cost estimates, see the AWS Pricing Calculator User Guide.