Customers can now use AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry to define and describe their AWS applications

Posted on: Dec 3, 2020

AWS Service Catalog AppRegistry provides a place to collect your AWS CloudFormation stacks and associate your customer-defined attribute groups (metadata) that describe your AWS applications. Customers can automate updates of stack and metadata changes by calling AppRegistry from within their CI/CD processes. IT and business stakeholders have up-to-date information on their applications, such as organizational ownership, data sensitivity, and cost center. 

Builders define their applications within AppRegistry by providing a name, description, and associations to attribute groups and CloudFormation stacks that are part of their application. The associated attribute groups, which are customer-defined JSON files, represent the metadata that your enterprise teams, including application teams, finance, security, and central IT teams, create and manage for the application. Attribute groups can also be defined by software partners, enabling centralization of application metadata across teams and software tooling. Resources (CloudFormation stacks) can also be associated to the application, including across environments like development, test, and production, and stacks used to manage the application like pipelines. This provides a central location for collecting all stacks and metadata for an application.  

AppRegistry is available via the AWS API and CLI in all AWS commercial Regions. To learn more, read the documentation on the Service Catalog AppRegistry API