Posted On: Jan 26, 2021

We are excited to announce that all Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume types now receive CloudWatch metrics with 1-minute granularity at no additional cost. You can use CloudWatch metrics to monitor the performance and status of your Amazon EBS volumes. Additionally, you can use CloudWatch alarms to automatically perform actions or send SNS Topics based on CloudWatch Metrics.

Previously, only io2 and io1 volumes received CloudWatch metrics with 1-minute granularity. Other Amazon EBS volume types received CloudWatch metrics with 5-minute granularity. With this announcement, all Amazon EBS volume types (io2, io1, gp3, gp2, st1, sc1, and standard) receive 1-minute granularity on all CloudWatch metrics, and at no additional cost. This change allows for more timely monitoring of your EBS volumes. For example, you can use the burstbalance CloudWatch metric to monitor what percent of burst credits remain on your gp2 volume. Combined with CloudWatch alarms, you can send an alarm as an SNS Topic the minute your volume’s burst balance reaches your set threshold. Previously, you could only monitor and alarm once every 5 minutes.

There is no action needed on your part to begin taking advantage of CloudWatch metrics with 1-minute granularity. They are automatically available for all existing Amazon EBS volumes and any new volumes you create. To learn more about Amazon EBS CloudWatch metrics, review the documentation.