Posted On: Jan 21, 2021

AWS Chalice now integrates with the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). With CDK integration, you can now combine the familiar, decorator-based APIs of Chalice to write your application code with the entire CDK constructs to define your service infrastructure. This enables you to deploy your serverless application as a single, cohesive stack using the CDK.

Chalice includes new project templates that enable you to quickly get a serverless application up and running with the CDK. A Chalice CDK construct enables you to extend your application resources using the CDK’s programming APIs and also map CDK constructs into your Chalice application code, enabling seamless communication between Chalice and the CDK.

To learn more about using the CDK with Chalice check out our Chalice and CDK blog post, try out our tutorial on using Chalice and the CDK, and read more detailed information in our API documentation.