Posted On: Mar 11, 2021

Amazon Elasticsearch Service now publishes events to Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon EventBridge to provide better visibility into the service. Events to indicate the availability of a service software update for a domain, the start of an update, and the completion of an update will be included in the initial release. You will also be able to view these events under the new ‘Notifications’ view in the Amazon Elasticsearch Service console.

Previously, you could see the availability of a service software update in the domain overview page of the Amazon Elasticsearch Service console. With this release, you can monitor the availability, start, and completion of an update with ease through CloudWatch or EventBridge events. You can also acknowledge these notifications on the Amazon Elasticsearch Service console for tracking.

Notifications for service software updates are now available in 25 regions globally: US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), US West (Oregon, N. California), AWS GovCloud (US-Gov-East, US-Gov-West), Canada (Central), South America (Sao Paulo), EU (Ireland, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, Milan), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Hong Kong. Osaka), Middle East (Bahrain), China (Beijing – operated by Sinnet, Ningxia – operated by NWCD), and Africa (Cape Town). Please refer to the AWS Region Table for more information about Amazon Elasticsearch Service availability.

To learn more, please see the documentation.