Posted On: Mar 2, 2021

Amazon EventBridge now supports propagation of AWS X-Ray trace context, enabling you to view the end-to-end flow of events through your applications. AWS X-Ray traces user requests as they travel through your entire application. It connects and visualizes the data generated by individual services like AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2 and the many resources that make up your application, providing you an end-to-end view of how your application is performing.

With the launch of this feature, EventBridge now propagates trace context to downstream services, making it easy for you to observe and debug your event-driven applications. EventBridge supports tracing for all event targets that integrate with X-Ray. Currently, Amazon SQS, SNS, API Gateway, AWS Lambda and AWS Step Functions targets support tracing.
You can easily detect where high latencies are occurring, visualize node distribution for these services, and then drill down into the specific services and paths impacting application performance. You can also use the X-Ray Analytics console to analyze traces, view metrics such as latency and failure rates and generate Insights to help you identify and troubleshoot issues.
AWS X-Ray support for Amazon EventBridge is available in all regions that support AWS X-Ray. Please see the regions table for more information.
For more information on this feature, read James Beswick’s blog post, or see Amazon EventBridge and AWS X-Ray in the AWS X-Ray Developer Guide and Tracing Amazon EventBridge Using AWS X-Ray in the Amazon EventBridge Developer Guide.