Posted On: Mar 17, 2021

AWS introduces the Developer Preview of its opinionated deployment tool for .NET cloud-native applications. Using this tool, developers can now deploy their .NET applications in just a few easy steps from the .NET CLI.  

Based on the application type, the tool provides recommendations about the type of compute best suited for this .NET application. It then builds and packages your application as required by the chosen compute service, generates the right IAM roles, generates the deployment infrastructure, deploys the application using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), and displays the endpoint.

The tool can be used to deploy cloud-native .NET applications to AWS that are built with .NET Core 2.1 and above. The tool is open-sourced and available as a command on the .NET CLI. To learn more about it, read our blog post, visit our Developer Guide, and check out the source code on GitHub.