Posted On: Apr 7, 2021

AWS Amplify iOS can now be installed through the Swift Package Manager. iOS developers can interface with AWS services through Amplify iOS, which is a use case based client library. Developers have been importing Amplify iOS through dependency management tools like CocoaPods. With Swift 3.0, Apple introduced a native package management tool called Swift Package Manager that allows developers to manage these dependencies within their Swift project.

Swift Package Manager has been the preferred method for including third-party libraries in Swift projects, and support for Swift Package Manager has been a highly requested feature from the developer community for Amplify iOS. As of April 7th, 2021, developers can include Amplify iOS in their projects via Swift Package Manager. Instructions on using the Swift Package Manager with AWS Amplify can be found here. In cases where Amplify iOS does not address a use case entirely, developers can also directly include the low level AWS iOS SDKs via Swift Package Manager.

Note: AWSPredictionsPlugin will not be supported through Swift Package Manager as of this release due to different minimum iOS version requirements. Support for this will eventually be added.