Posted On: Apr 20, 2021

AWS Chatbot customers can now receive notifications in chat channels from an expanded range of AWS services through Amazon EventBridge. AWS Chatbot allows users to monitor and interact with AWS resources directly from Slack channels and Amazon Chime chat rooms.  

You can now monitor AWS services in AWS Chatbot-enabled chat channels from 200+ Amazon EventBridge events including Amazon ECS & Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling events. You can reduce context switching and manage operational activities such as monitoring applications or CI/CD workflows more effectively from the chat channels. Simply add an Amazon SNS topic as a target in the Amazon EventBridge rule and then associate that SNS topic with a chat channel in the AWS Chatbot console to receive notifications when the event rule fires.

You can use AWS Chatbot in any commercial AWS Region. Please refer to the Regional Product and Services table for details about AWS Chatbot availability.

To learn more about receiving Amazon EventBridge notifications in the AWS Chatbot, visit the product page.