Posted On: Apr 8, 2021

AWS CloudFormation announces the general availability (GA) of TypeScript support for the AWS CloudFormation Command Line Interface (CFN-CLI), which enables you to create AWS and third-party resource types using the TypeScript programming language. The CFN-CLI TypeScript plugin is a GitHub open source project that the community created in 2019 in an early preview mode. With this release, you can now use the plugin for your production needs.

AWS CloudFormation is an infrastructure-as-code (IaC) tool that enables you to model, provision, and manage your cloud application and infrastructure resources in a safe, predictable, and repeatable way. Examples of resource types include AWS::EC2::Instance, AWS::S3::Bucket, Datadog::Monitors::Monitor, and more. If you want to provision AWS and third-party resources other than the ones already supported with CloudFormation, you can use the CFN-CLI to create such resource types and register them for use in CloudFormation. The CFN-CLI previously supported three programming languages: Java, Go, and Python to create such resource types. With this release, you get support for a fourth language: TypeScript

The AWS CloudFormation team welcomes feedback and contributions to this open source project. To get started, install the cfn-cli-typescript-plugin following the instructions in the CFN-CLI GitHub repository or follow this blog that provides a detailed walkthrough on creating resource types with the CFN-CLI TypeScript plugin. In addition, you can check sample resource types created with the CFN-CLI TypeScript plugin here.